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Reminds me of
Cafe Grumpy in NYC
Many years ago, my friends and I used to play a game called facial hair cricket (see below). This involved aimlessly walking around Prague looking to score runs by spotting moustaches and beards and looking to take wickets by seeing goatee beards. I was reminded of this game while walking around Náplavka, the trendiest Farmer’s Market in the whole of Prague. This would have been a haven for facial hair cricket lovers. Back then it took a long time to play a full game; facial hair was few and far between in the early 2000s, but at Naplavka there was every type of beard imaginable, from the designer stubble to the Hollywoodian, from the well-trimmed goatee to the lumberjack wild man look, it was the Lord’s of facial hair cricket.
If you are wondering why I am writing about a Farmer’s Market on my Hipster coffee blog, well I think it qualifies for an entry. Let’s have a look at the evidence, loads of beards, loads of tattoos, loads of very tight leggings, okay I didn’t see a MacBook but there were a few iPads around and there was ethically sourced, filter coffee on sale, making the market one big hipster café.
Perfect for Refreshment
during a game of FHC.
My feelings about Farmer’s Markets are made plain elsewhere and Náplavka is the nadir. It is cringingly middle class. These markets should be at the cutting edge of a culinary and ecological revolution. But if revolution is all about middle class folk eating quinoa burgers, then let’s lay down our weapons and head back to Tesco.
But there is a shining coffee star amongst this middle class morass; Brew Bar. There are plenty of other coffee stalls at Náplavka but Brew Bar is the real deal. In Hipster style terms these guys give Double B a run for their money, but in terms of coffee they are head and shoulders above the rest; they are coffee geeks and proud of it. They don’t have a shop or a café elsewhere, they just turn up on a Saturday to do their thing and are willing to take time to educate and illuminate the world about their passion.
Náplavka may not be a café in the strictest sense of the word, but it is one big hipster hangout and with Brew Bar in attendance, it is a place to get your hipster coffee fix before enjoying a game or two of facial hair cricket. 

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Rules for Facial Hair Cricket.

In cricket the teams take it in turns to bat and bowl. They toss a coin to decide who bats first.  The first batting side, let’s call them team A, tries to score as many runs as possible while the bowling side, let’s call them team B, tries to take 10 wickets. (In facial hair cricket the bowling side needs to take 5 wickets.) Then the teams swap roles and team B (now batting) try to score more runs than team A did.
If you are new to cricket, think of it as points and lives. You need to score as many points as you can and have 5 lives to do it in.
In facial hair cricket to score runs / points you need to spot moustaches and beards
A moustache = 1 run
Designer stubble = 2 run
Healthy growth 3 runs
A big beard = 4 runs
A massive beard = 6 runs.
To take wickets / lose lives you need to spot goatee beards.

Whoever scores the most runs / points wins.

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