La Boheme

The bar, La Boheme
Do you fancy taking a trip to a mystical, magical Alice in Wonderland type world, a world where trees grow from walls and violins and books hang from the ceilings, where you feel like Jack in the giant’s kingdom, or Aladdin in a cave of coffee inspired knick-knacks? If you do, spend an hour drinking coffee in La Boheme in Vinohrady and marvel at the cacophony of ornamentation on display. La Boheme is really trying hard to be your living room, if of course your living room has a bar and a big coffee-making machine and a million ornaments. In front of the fireplace there are armchairs, soft furnishings, and a work desk, but it is the metres and metres of shelf space filled with every conceivable coffee pot you can think of that really make the eyes water. It is
Trees growing out of walls
and Aunty Edna's ornaments.
not just coffee pots, there are globes, plant pots, ceramic sheep, and metal watering cans scattered around not to mention ornate flowers adorning the walls that would not look out of place at Aunty Edna’s house. You can’t help but wonder whose job it is to dust it and do they ever get around to cleaning the top shelves. Yet despite the clutter La Boheme does not feel cluttered, maybe it is the high ceilings, that save it from feeling like Aunty Edna’s 2 up 2 down terraced house in Tonyrefail.
La Boheme is the most feminine of all the cafes in terms of both appearance, if a man put together the interior design I will eat my aeropress, and clientele, there were very few beards on display.  Female hipsters are a more diverse lot than their male counterparts, there is less of a uniform and more of a feel, there were a range of styles on show from skinny jeans with high waistbands to 50’s dresses with visible petticoats. As well as the mandatory Macbooks and iPads, almost every table had a carrot cake in various stages of being eaten.
La Boheme is a bit too fussy for my tastes but if you fancy a hipster coffee in fairy tale surroundings it is certainly the place for you.

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