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Double B Coffee
Coffee making has lots of trade fairs, barista competitions and awards but if there was an award for the most hipster baristas, then Double B (a relatively new hipster café near Namesti Miru) would certainly be World Champions. The leather style aprons give their staff a slightly sinister look but the knee length shorts, the striped t-shirts, braces, keds and perfect beards make them look like they just stepped out of a Mumford and Sons video. Don't worry about the quality of coffee, here we have the top of the range hipster barista. About a year ago I watched a documentary about how to become British Airways cabin crew. The training was almost military, with strict uniform inspections every morning; one hair out of place or an unpolished button could see you kicked off the team. Double B contains a barista school at the back, I wonder if the lessons include how to wear braces, how to trim your beard and how to wax your mo. I can imagine it being like the BA training, the barista cadets standing in line of a morning while a sergeant-major-type figure inspects the troops to make sure the moustaches don’t droop.
Vast and Empty
It’s funny that these types of cafés fall into two distinct categories; there are the homely, higgledy-piggledy style or the clean, functional style, and Double B falls in to the latter category. It is quite a vast place, very bright, very clean and very empty. The feeling of emptiness is not helped by the fact that there is not quite enough furniture to fill the place and there is a large outside seating area which attracts the customers on a hot Friday afternoon. Despite the paucity of customers there were still the requisite ratio of MacBooks, beards, tattoos and students doing their homework to ensure it qualifies for inclusion as a fully-fledged hipster café. Maybe I will re-non-review this café when it is more established, when there are more customers and more atmosphere.

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