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There is something different about Cafe Lounge that I can't quite put my finger on. Maybe because it is on the other side of the river it has a different atmosphere, maybe it feels like it doesn't have to compete with the gaggle of cafes around Vinohradska. Whatever it is, the place certainly feels slightly less smug than some of the others including its sister bar, Ema.
This place is known as the Café Lounge but in one way that really is a misnomer, it is much more café and much less lounge. Lounge brings to mind comfortable sofas, maybe a newspaper or two and a drinks cabinet but none of that is in evidence here. But the way Café Lounge does live up to its name is in the fact they do allow you to lounge around. Unlike sister Ema there's no rush, no hurry just a nice sedate pace. Thrice now I have ordered one coffee and been allowed to occupy a table for as long as I wanted without feeling unwelcome. There is a carafe of water on the table and you can stay as long as that has water in it, sometimes they'll even bring you a second jug. The staff actually look like they want you there, that they are pleased to welcome you as guests, that you are not getting in their way or taking up places that could be occupied by their friends. They are probably the smiliest staff of all the cafes I've non-reviewed. 
Of all the cafés I’ve reviewed I feel that here the coffee is the least important thing. Yes they have a bewildering array of options including the space age vacuum pot, but whereas in other places coffee is the raison d’ētre here it is just another thing on the menu along side fashionable food, cool cakes and wholesome wines. Maybe for that reason the clientele is more diverse than other cafes; I only spotted one Macbook and one beard, there were even people over 35 dotted around. Café Lounge is the hipster café for the non-hipster.

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