Dos Mundos

Not a space age contraption,
a vacuum pot. 
I think this place is simultaneously my favourite and least favourite of the cafes I am not reviewing on this site.  I think it is its own worst enemy, hoisted by the petard of its size. It is neither a purely take away place nor a sit down and enjoy your coffee place, it is more a sit down and feel slightly uncomfortable and kind of wish you’d ordered take away type of place. There are only two tables - one long and thin that sits 6 people and one that doesn’t look like a table perched precariously in the middle of the café. There are a further 3 seats along a ledge on the wall and 2 at the bar. This means that if it is busy there is no room and 
Less space-age coffee.
you feel kind of awkward, squeezed in and you think that you should get out quick to make way for other caffeine deprived hipsters. But on the other hand, the baristas put so much love and effort into preparing the coffee that you feel you should take your time to enjoy the hint of blackberry and woodchip, but the surroundings are so Spartan, the café is so often deserted, that you don’t feel you can kick back and relax and get the most out of their efforts; it is not a lounge around type of place.

Talking of the baristas, the staff here are friendly and informative. They are enthusiastic about their trade and want to share their knowledge rather than mock those who don’t have it. This means it is the perfect place to try an Indonesian or Burundi coffee or maybe experiment with the vacuum pot, as long as you don’t mind being the only one sitting there drinking it.

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