Bio Zahrada

The sturdy mug.
This place really puts the hippie into hipster and vegetable into vegetarian, (no I don’t know what that means either but I have a word count to maintain.) A vegetarian bio café that rambles through three rooms and out into a garden. As you might expect from hippies nothing is clearly defined, is the front room a shop or a café? Is the middle room a kitchen or a seating area?Is the Garden ever open? And is the woman with the long skirt and crocheted bag over her shoulder a customer or a member of staff? The fact that she’s cleaning the table suggests that she is a staff member but the fact she is wrapped in a coat suggests she’s just come in off the street. It feels a little grubby but that might be the higgldy-piggledy, living room nature of the cafe.
Like the mug so much,
here's another picture. 
When you drink hipster coffee in hipster cafes you get used to the fact it takes some preparing, this is not the espresso culture of the quick shot, the key is  in the detail that the barrista puts into lovingly making your coffee. But having said that the wait for the coffee here seemed a trifle long, my hair had grown to my knees by the time it had arrived meaning I fitted in with the other clientele. 
When the coffee finally arrived it was a generous serving contained in a sturdy Double Shot mug that felt like it was ecologically sourced. In fact I have to say the mug was my favourite thing about this place. I’m not sure I really felt comfortable in the bio/eco mecca but I will return on a warmer day to try out their garden (if it is open).

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