Sunday 14 June 2015

Hipster Coffee - An introduction.

Over the last few months I have been exploring the hipster coffee hangouts in Prague and I thought I would write a short blog reflecting on my experiences by writing non-reviews. Non-reviews don't focus on the wares on offer but try to describe the atmosphere and ambiance of the place. 

What is Hipster Coffee?
A coffee roaster in Pražírna
Hipster coffee is ethically sourced. locally and lightly roasted (often on the premises) and lovingly prepared. It is usually prepared as a filter coffee using weird and wonderful devices such as the Chemix, the Aeropress, the Hario V60 or a vacuum pot. 
To be honest when I first started drinking this type of coffee I was not enthused. It didn't taste like what I had come to think of as coffee, but the flavour tends to grow on you; it is multilayered rather than one dimensional, unlocking the unique flavours of the coffee. I remember years ago my mum telling me that if you drink Diet Coke expecting it to taste like Coke, you will be disappointed. But if you think of it as a refreshing drink that is similar to, but different from Coke, you might be pleasantly surprised. It is the same with this coffee; my advice is to not think of it as coffee to start with, but to enjoy it as a different kind of drink something that is similar too but different from coffee. soon you will be hooked. 

What is a Hipster Cafe?
A hipster cafe is easily recognisable but in case you have problems, here is a checklist. Hit at least three of these and the likelihood is you are in a hipster place. 
  • More than one MacBook on the tables.
  • Majority of male clientele have beards so thick you might find endangered species hiding in them.
  • Female waiting staff wearing unfeasibly tight trousers or what I believe are called yoga pants. 
  • More tattoos on show than in an American high security prison.
  • Students 'studying' in packs of 2 or 3. 
  • Jugs of water on the tables. 
  • No sugar on the tables. 
  • More baristas and waiting staff than feels necessary. 
So click on the links below to find my reviews of each place. More will become available this week. I hope you enjoy them. 


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